Thursday, March 13, 2014

Shady side of the Tour Salliere with two north couloirs

Last weekend I went exploring the north side of the Tour Salliere. Our goal was the 350 meter long, steep north couloir. The couloir is pretty well protected so we were expecting to find some good snow. And that's exactly what we found! We were able to ski this steep line from the very top with some nice packed powder. This was steep skiing as it's finest. Thanks Tommi & Henkka for a great adventure!

On Sunday we bailed from our original objective, but there was still enough time to do something on the north side. Inspired by yesterdays great conditions I wanted to try to ski the new variation of N-couloir. It turned out to be a complete line with some really steep terrain. Although the day didn't go as planned this beautiful descent saved the day. By combining these two lines you'll get 750-800 meters of great steep skiing. Definitely worth a visit.

Pics here.
Blue line is the normal route. Red line is the new variation I skied the next day. 

Tommi at the top of the normal route.

Here are just couple selfies from the new variation. Looking the line from below it doesn't seem to go through. But there is a about three meter wide chute that takes you to the upper section. The last 100 meters are really steep terrain.

The top 100 meters of the new variation are pretty damn steep.

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