Friday, March 14, 2014

Couloir Sacristie - the ghost of Tour Sallière

During the past few seasons I've bailed several times when trying to ski this couloir. The couloir is located in a pretty remote corner and it's well hidden from all the directions. It's also quite a long approach to reach the base of the couloir and even then you can't see if it's skiable or not. So basically you just need to go onsite, climb and hope it's your lucky day.

After skiing some nearby lines in good conditions I wanted to give it a try again. We started from Les Marecottes at 9 and reached the base of the couloir around 1pm. The couloir looked kind of dry, but still skiable so we started climbing.

Now finally we killed the ghost that's been haunting for several years! Everything went as planned and we got to ski this beautiful line from the very top. The couloir is about 400 meters long with some steep technical passages. I would definitely grade this line more difficult than the neighbouring Hug-couloir. Both in terms of exposure and technical challenges. Check out more pics here.

After skiing the line our adventure continued to Cabane Susanfe, which is one of cosiest huts I've visited. It's a perfect base-camp for some really nice ski-mountaineering so definitely worth a visit!

Planning session with Mikko
Little crux as warm up

Steep and icy middle section

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Nice spring snow on the top section

Henkka in the middle section

Last hurdle in the exit 

@Cabane Susanfe

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