Saturday, May 17, 2014

Breithorn Triftjigrat

The Breithorn is considered as the easiest 4000 meter peak in the Alps. The normal route can be done in less than 1.5 hours from the lifts. Despite of that the north east face offers some really great steep skiing and what I've heard the line(s) are quite rarely skied. The last week was really windy and all original plans were dropped due to bad conditions. I still wanted to do something after bailing out several times in the last weeks. Triftjigrat did look pretty white and also winds had been more reasonable around Breithorn. So what the hell, lets give it a try!

We took the first bin up to Kleinmatterhorn and stood at the summit around 10.30. The main face was pretty much just blue ice but there was a skiable path leading past the icy section. Just to avoid any surprises we climbed some 100 meters down the face. It seemed all skiable so we decided to climb back up and to start our descent from the summit. Below the icy section we found really good snow. Middle section next to the hanging serac was un-skiable so we had to setup two raps. The conditions were quite varying, but at the end we got to ski most of the line in with good snow. Triftjigrat is a super beautiful line with steep sections, route finding, technical passages and lover down enough room for big free-ride turns. I'm really a big fan of adventure skiing like this. Good day out with Henkka!
Check out pics here.

Here's also a clip with Sam Anthamatten skiing the line in perfect conditions some years ago.

Breithorn Triftjigrat

On the top section

Rapping past ice middle section next to the serac zone

Henkka checking the way down to exit couloir 

Henkka below the seracs. 

Exit couloir with some good powder

Finding our way

It's beer a'clock! 

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