Monday, December 21, 2015

Searching for snow on the Matterhorn East Face

It's quite unusual to explore lines like the Matterhorn East Face in December. But this years specially dry conditions allow for some innovative snow hunting missions.

I got a call from Jeremy with an idea to go and take a close look of the East Face of Matterhorn. It's one the lines Jeremy wants to ski for his movie project "La Liste" together with Samuel Anthamatten. After the call I looked at the webcam and though why not. The face was looking super dry, but at least it would be pretty safe. And it was sure going to be good mission to burn some fat before Christmas trying to keep up with Samuel and Jeremie.

We went to search for an adventure and that's what we got. Merci Samuel and Jeremie for good fun!


Just follow the Bergführer 

Best rock climbing of the season 

Samuel had to take out the rope to help the fat camera man out of troubles ;-) 

Not so skiable here

Special ambiance

Some nice turns on the upper glacier

Jeremie with the Matterhorn summit towering above

I'll be back next year!

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Snow hunting continues

A very stubborn high pressure has been stuck over the Alps for several weeks making the snow conditions kind of challenging. But if you're eager enough there still are some cold powder stashes to be found. Sometimes these snow hunting missions takes you to some pretty amazing places. Like after bailing our from our original objective I ended up cave riding with Jeremy Heitz at the Finive Glacier. Good times!

Early morning @Emosson
Face NE de la pointe de la Finive

Unfortunately there are already some big snow accumulations combined with weak layers...after some digging we decided to head back home

Jeremy finds some good snow on the way back

Cave riding session..

Jeremy entering the cave

Good times! 

At the moment there aren't too many places where you can get good skiing without too much walking and bush-whacking. That's why the area around Grand Chavalard has become my favourite playground. On Sunday we decided to head up again to this beautiful mountain. We ended up skiing a little adventurous line and by surprise with some good snow. Good day out with the Finnish Crew! 

Niko and Henkka entering the sunny side of Grand Chavalard
Henkka dropping in 

Niko "Mr. Double Pole plant" in action

Our little adventure line 

Monday, December 7, 2015

Season 15/16 started!

Ski-season is well on the way! Here some pics from various adventures from last couple of weeks. I had some really nice days touring around Val Ferret, freeriding at Ovronnaz and also got to explore some nice couloirs. You need to be eager to get to the goods, but the reward is waiting up there! So good to be back on the skis again!

Testing new Movement Skis @Grand Chavalard THX Jeremy for the pic ;-) 

Jeremie Heitz @Grand Chavalard

Jeremie @Grand Chavalard

Jeremie @Grand Chavalard

Lets go! 

Jeremie Heitz @Grand Chavalard East Face

@Val Ferret

Henkka @Val Ferret

You got to be eager... 

Henkka @Bel Oiseau

©Henri Kuokkanen

Bel Oiseau

Bel Oisau

Remointse de Meribe

Couloir p.3039m Louettes Econdoue

Ville @Couloir p.3039m Louettes Econdoue

Henkka @Couloir p.3039m Louettes Econdoue

Ville @Ovronnaz

Julle @Ovronnaz

Saturday, October 24, 2015

Season through the lens

Various shots from last season that bring me good vibes!  Big thanks for all the good times for all involved. Let the new season start soon!

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Bietschorn West Ridge

I find Bietschorn as one of the most beautiful mountains is the Alps. This steep pyramid is is just a few meters below 4000 meter mark and it doesn't get the same attention like Matterhorn. Nevertheless it's definitely a respectful challenge for alpinists. Especially for Finnish flat-landers. Together with Henkka the goal was to climb the West Ridge and also spot close by possible skiing lines.

It had snowed couple days before up to half a meter, so we didn't really know what kind of troubles we'll face higher up. Climbing was pretty easy, but the snow sure made our day more challenging. As all the guide books warn, the climb is really long. At the end all went well and we got the adventure we went looking for.

Thanks Henkka for sharing the rope! Special thanks for Anni at Bietschornhütte for taking such a good care of us! Hope to be back on this beautiful mountain during the winter.

On the Bietschorn "Talsummit" ©Henri Kuokkanen

We started from Blatten in Lötschental. 

The most authentic hut in the Swiss Alps, the Bietschornhütte. 

Bietschorn West-Ridge from Bietscjoch.

The ridge is long! 

Trawerse after Roteturm

Summit Ridge @Henri Kuokkanen

Rote Turm

From here its still a long way down to Blatten...