Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Lyngen adventure

A while back it was in Lyngen where I took my first real lessons on ski-mountaineering. It was learning by doing and very often the hard way while struggling with tricky conditions. Still those were the days and I always wanted to go back. But somehow every spring I was driven to steep skiing circus in the Alps.

Luckily this time all worked out and I got to visit Lyngen for a couple of weeks. As usual the weather was playing games and you just couldn’t trust the weather forecasts. So the plan was to go out and make the most out of it. Despite tricky conditions our strategy worked out well and we managed to use those short weather windows. I was super motivated and driven to the mountains and managed to ski twelve beautiful lines in ten days. That’s more than in past trips all together...

Most of the time we explored some less known areas around Lyngen where Ape had spotted some possible lines. It’s pretty remarkable that during the days we didn’t see anybody else up the mountain. 

Solo mission to ski the Saana hill (1029m) just across the Norwegian border in Finland (or should I call it a mountain..) was just a perfect ending for the trip. It was emotional to ski a beautiful steep(ish) line in the home country.

Thanks for all the great people I got to experience the magic with. And special thanks for Ape for organising everything! Finally we got to ski some beautiful Lyngen lines together! Can't wait for the next mission up North! 

Evening run with Janne Mukkala 
Ape Majava on Tyterbaertinden South Face
Janne @Tyterbaertinden South Face
Tyterbaertinden with Ape & Janne
Rain, snow, storm, sunshine...and all within one hour... 
Ptor enjoying powdery turns while Ville shooting
Ptor & Ville 
Evening run called Arttu Muukkonen's lucky day with Ville & Ptor
Ape ready to drop in @Skaidegaisi
Antti Leuku on the crux @Skaidegaisi
Team La Grave Ape, Ville & Ptor
Ptor making his way up in the pouring rain.. 
Ape doing some cleaning work while monster is sleeping above.. 
Ape dropping in @Otertinden
Antti Leuku @Otertinden
Just another couloir
Pekka Pakkanen
"Polse" Couloir just about to be signed by Team Härmä
Ape spotting our main objective from above. Dimensions were truly overwhelming at first sight... 
We silently abseiled down under the sleeping monsters..
Hillbillies at work. ©Arttu Muukkonen
Mountains were generous for us! Safely down with big smiles!
Little boat ride to get to the lines
Antti Leuku linking turns on some nice spring snow
Pekka & Antti getting back home
Good we brought some ice axes
Antti & Tankki

We could really feel, hear and see the spring arriving to Arctic! 

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

From storm riding to sunny powder days

I've been lazy posting anything in the past weeks, but here finally some shots from various adventures. Storm riding has been pretty much the name of game, but finally last weekend brought some quality powder days. Now it looks more like the season is finally starting!

Grand Chavalard 

Justin Lemy @Grand Chavalard

Henri Kuokkanen @Le Luisin

Henri Kuokkanen @Le Luisin

Ville Niiranen @Andermatt

Ville Niiranen @Andermatt

Jeremie Heitz @Verbier

Richard Amacker @Verbier

Luca Pandolfi @Les Marecottes

Niko Pettersson @Les Marecottes

Luca Pandolfi & Niko Pettersson @Les Marecottes

Niko @Les Marecottes

Niko @Les Marecottes

Luca @Les Marecottes

Ilkka Koskinen @Les Marecottes

Eeka Salonen @Les Marecottes

Heta & Päivi @Les Marecottes

Team Finland @Les Marecottes

Jarno Ylitalo @Les Marecottes