Tuesday, April 7, 2015

From storm riding to sunny powder days

I've been lazy posting anything in the past weeks, but here finally some shots from various adventures. Storm riding has been pretty much the name of game, but finally last weekend brought some quality powder days. Now it looks more like the season is finally starting!

Grand Chavalard 

Justin Lemy @Grand Chavalard

Henri Kuokkanen @Le Luisin

Henri Kuokkanen @Le Luisin

Ville Niiranen @Andermatt

Ville Niiranen @Andermatt

Jeremie Heitz @Verbier

Richard Amacker @Verbier

Luca Pandolfi @Les Marecottes

Niko Pettersson @Les Marecottes

Luca Pandolfi & Niko Pettersson @Les Marecottes

Niko @Les Marecottes

Niko @Les Marecottes

Luca @Les Marecottes

Ilkka Koskinen @Les Marecottes

Eeka Salonen @Les Marecottes

Heta & Päivi @Les Marecottes

Team Finland @Les Marecottes

Jarno Ylitalo @Les Marecottes

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