Monday, December 21, 2015

Searching for snow on the Matterhorn East Face

It's quite unusual to explore lines like the Matterhorn East Face in December. But this years specially dry conditions allow for some innovative snow hunting missions.

I got a call from Jeremy with an idea to go and take a close look of the East Face of Matterhorn. It's one the lines Jeremy wants to ski for his movie project "La Liste" together with Samuel Anthamatten. After the call I looked at the webcam and though why not. The face was looking super dry, but at least it would be pretty safe. And it was sure going to be good mission to burn some fat before Christmas trying to keep up with Samuel and Jeremie.

We went to search for an adventure and that's what we got. Merci Samuel and Jeremie for good fun!


Just follow the Bergführer 

Best rock climbing of the season 

Samuel had to take out the rope to help the fat camera man out of troubles ;-) 

Not so skiable here

Special ambiance

Some nice turns on the upper glacier

Jeremie with the Matterhorn summit towering above

I'll be back next year!

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