Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Snow hunting continues

A very stubborn high pressure has been stuck over the Alps for several weeks making the snow conditions kind of challenging. But if you're eager enough there still are some cold powder stashes to be found. Sometimes these snow hunting missions takes you to some pretty amazing places. Like after bailing our from our original objective I ended up cave riding with Jeremy Heitz at the Finive Glacier. Good times!

Early morning @Emosson
Face NE de la pointe de la Finive

Unfortunately there are already some big snow accumulations combined with weak layers...after some digging we decided to head back home

Jeremy finds some good snow on the way back

Cave riding session..

Jeremy entering the cave

Good times! 

At the moment there aren't too many places where you can get good skiing without too much walking and bush-whacking. That's why the area around Grand Chavalard has become my favourite playground. On Sunday we decided to head up again to this beautiful mountain. We ended up skiing a little adventurous line and by surprise with some good snow. Good day out with the Finnish Crew! 

Niko and Henkka entering the sunny side of Grand Chavalard
Henkka dropping in 

Niko "Mr. Double Pole plant" in action

Our little adventure line 

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