Friday, February 19, 2016

Winter is back!

Finally cold Northerlies made it back to the Alps bringing some magical winter days. Just like in the good old days! There's been all kinds of skiing from storm riding to blue-bird pow craziness. On days like this there isn't much time for shooting, but here some snapshots taken along the way. Big thanks to all involved! Good times! 

This pic tells it all! Mikko sure chose the right weekend to visit Marecot. 

Mikko looking for contrast in the magic forest

Just another day in the office for Jeremy Bernard 
It's all calm and quiet before the crowds rush in

Little chalet's sinking in snow @Creusaz

@Henri Kuokkanen
Sam escaping a surprise
Lets be careful out there!

Roch storm-riding @Marecot

Power  lines are the best! 
Thomas Gaisbacher 

Markus Eder showing the moves
Jeremy & Tom just before taking a taxi

Family fun! Jeremy, Raphy & Tom.
Tom following Jeremy's smoky tracks ;-)
Niko Pettersson @Argentiere

Niko in the ice world

Jesper Petersson & Mikko Heimonen on a mission

Heta @Verbier
Tero with some 40kg of camera gear
Getting ready for the last run of the day

Jeremy & Tom going for a night ride

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Balancing between so called winter and the climate change

Weather has been playing games with us again... There were some nice cold winter days, but during the last two weeks temperatures have been going up and down. We had some some days with quality powder, but last weekend everything turned into world class crust. Lets hope winter is returning soon! Here some random B/W pics from end of January.

Heta's signature
Niklas & Nives Hollsten exploring Marecot backcounty
Niklas Hollsten

Heta making last powdery turns with rising temperatues

Looking for trouble @ Dent Salantin

Finnish After ski 
Jesper Petersson @Argentiere
Niko Pettersson & crew on a mission
Searching for skiable snow
Storm is moving in
Niko Pettersson @Argentiere
Air Glaciers 
What climate change? Powder @2200m
Nature's art