Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Why is the weather playing games with us?!

It's been a really strange season start when it comes to weather. We've had it all! Lots of snow in November followed by föhn storms and seven weeks of high pressure melting most of the snow. Finally winter came back in the beginning of January with some incredible powder days. But now again we're waiting for more snow. What is this? Why? I would already blame that one damn lunatic at States for all this! Lots of snow seems to be falling on the Rockies. America first, right?! Here some memories from this strange weather period.

Windy day at Argentiere Basin

Jesper Pettersson at Argentiere

Jesper on Chardonnet South

Chardonnet South

Sami Modenius @ Chardonnet
Roch @ Chardonnet

Roch @ Chardonnet

Heta & Henkka @ Genepi

Heta @ Genepi


Bushes of misery...

Ville @ Urnerboden

Ville @ Urnerboden

Ville @ Urnerboden

Ville @ Urnerboden

Ratzi crew

Ratzi - Spiringen

Heta @ Spirigen

VIlle @ Luisin
VIlle @ Luisin East
Pekka @ Marecottes

Pekka @Luisin

Pekka, Henkka, Niko @ Luisin

Team Härmä @ Luisin

Niko Pettersson @ Salanfe

VIlle & Pekka @ Ovronnaz 

Pekka @ Ovronnaz

Snow hunting @ St. Bernanrd
Mt. Velan

Henkka @ Mt. Velan

Another night shift..

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