Sunday, April 9, 2017

Clariden North Face - Fischer-Herzog route

To ski the Fischer-Herzog route on the North Face Clariden has been on my radar for some years. Last spring I was able to ski most of the line, but had to bail due to unfavourable conditions.

Fischer-Herzog is the obvious line on the left side of pic. 

In the beginning of April the conditions for steep skiing were shaping up so wanted to give it a try again. Ville was also motivated to join the mission. We took an early start from Zürich and headed towards Urnerboden. The road to Klausenpass wasn't open yet so we had a long day ahead of us. 

The first look to our line approved that the conditions might be exceptional. As approaching the line we saw two tracks higher up on the line.  What a surprise! Glarner Alps is not Chamonix and there are not too many guys skiing and keeping eye on these local jewels... Somebody skied the most probable first descent the day before... Anyway this time everything worked out and we got to ski this beautiful line in close to perfect powdery conditions. 

After our trip I found out that Sébastien de Sainte Marie and Adelin Favre skied the line the day before. Congratulations, well done guys!! Here's link to their adventure. There also a really good picture showing the whole line. 

I would agree the rating 5.3 E4. For me line has all the ingredients to become a steep skiing classic. 1000 meters of pure adventure with route finding and exposed steep sections. Especially the exposure is pretty serious on the ramp linking the famous North Face with the NE Face. Even-though conditions were good I still hit couple rocks on this part. At the end its all about timing and patience with lines like this. Good times! 

Somewhere on the big upper snow field

Last meters before getting the first view of the ramp. 
Me climbing up the ramp @Ville Niiranen

@Ville Niiranen

@Ville Niiranen

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