Monday, May 25, 2015

Tacul North East Face

I have tried to ski the NE Face of Tacul several times, but until now only managed to ski it partly. This time everything worked out and we managed to ski it from the very top. Dropping in from the top next to Jäger Couloir adds up quite a bit of character to this line. Thanks Mikko and Jesper for good fun!

I started the season on this face in October so maybe this was a good way to finish it. But you never know...

Tacul NE-Face
Jesper on a little crux under the serac 

Looking down after the crux

Steep toc section  

Dropping in to a ridge between Jäger Couloir and Tacul NE Face

This cornice is HUGE!

Good spring snow on the face

Back to Aiguille du Midi

Good day!

It looks like season under the cables is pretty much over...

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